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Will my oxidized sterling silver piece stay black forever?

To create my signature black oxidized pieces, I take the sterling silver and oxidize it until it is black. Oxidation is a natural process that happens over time naturally to sterling silver, I just hurry it along with a chemical process. Then I polish the blackened rings until they are shiny black.

The black oxidation will rub off over time. The black is a surface layer of oxides, which will rub off where it touches your skin and stay dark in the recesses that does not, showing highlights of bright silver and lowlights of dark silver. The patina will change as the piece ages, making your piece unique to you, and growing more beautiful with wear.

If you prefer the original black treatment, I do offer a re-finishing service for my oxidized black pieces for a small fee, depending on the piece. If you are interested in this service, contact me and we can work out the details.



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